Tile, or…..

Why, I wonder, do people choose to have tile in their homes or businesses? I have a few ideas, but let me just say that personally I’m very glad they do! It has helped keep food on the table and a roof over my family’s heads for lo these 17 years. In the past, I could imagine that tile was more of a necessity, a durable, low maintenance surface for a variety of climates, before much of our space-age materials that are used now were even dreamed of.  So, here are some of my thoughts, ok, maybe even arguments, about  the choice to use tile over other available surface choices.

First of all, I believe that tile makes a statement. Sometimes very BOLD, and sometimes very subtle, but it says something about who we are, where we are, and where we are going. Tile choices reflect our personality (as evidenced by my blog about my own personal shower). Tile is color. Tile is pattern. Tile is texture. Tile protects, it facilitates. It plays, as a fireplace surround in a family room, or is dead serious, as a germ resistant surface in a laboratory. Tile can be a lifelong feature in a cherished family home, or can be changed out after a time, when a new vision about your living/working space has taken hold.

We all put great import on our freedoms, our freedom to choose being a big one. Tile is the epitome of choice. Size, color, layout pattern, natural stone or durable ceramic or porcelain, it is almost literally endless. Tile can be applied almost anywhere. Floors, walls, ceiling, counter tops. Wet or dry areas. Cold or hot areas. Don’t get me started on grout color choices, it’s like the menu at Denny’s. Some clients agonize for days about grout, some say “whatever you think is best” (I like it when that happens.)

So you see? Tile reflects you, your lifestyle, your unique you-ness.

Can I close by saying why I like tile? Because it looks awesome. I still, after all these years, stop before I leave a job and admire the tile. I love all the pieces that I put in one by one,  coming  together to create this fabulous surface. I get ribbed by some of the guys for this, but I think tile smells good. A curing sand/cement floor in a shower is one of my favorite smells in the world. But for whatever reason, for all that I love about tile, I HATE getting thin set on my hands. It really bugs me.

Lastly, one of my favorite things is making new friends on the jobs.  This is my new friend Tony the Cat.  I think he likes tile too.


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