Finally got around to my OWN tile shower!

This is a project that’s been on my mental to-do list for a LONG time. Our 13-year-old fiberglass surround had served us well, but was really showing its age. The time had come for me to unbox the 4 1/4″ Dal Almond wall tile that’s been in my garage, patiently waiting for this day, and construct for my wife and myself a shower the likes of which I have done more times than I can count for our valued customers. So if you’re still reading this, and I hope you are, I know you are at least somewhat interested in tile. You may have even asked yourself, “I wonder what kind of shower a tile guy would build for himself?” Well, wonder no more.

This first picture is, unfortunately, a little farther along in the project than I would like. I wish I would have thought to begin chronicling this whole thing sooner so you could really get the low down and dirty behind the scenes look at the genesis of a tile shower. Oh well. Here you see the old fiberglass is gone. The vapor barrier is up over the studs (trust me), the vinyl pan is in, the Wonderboard is up, the final float coat is done, and I’m working on the curb, or dam, depending on which side of the tracks you were born on.


Now I am almost done with the floor, just the fiddly little part where I make the curved cuts around the drain are left. Hard to tell but the floor tile is really cool. They were 6×6 tiles given to me by a friend that were, like the 4×4’s, sitting around my garage for some time. I cut them into fours, to better hug the slope. 


Hey, making progress, right? Right. As you can see I have been VERY busy. No good shows on TV, so I got all the walls up (except for the special surprise tiles!’s a secret) as well as the two cantilevered seats (a specialty of mine), and two matching corners. Hey, we like setting stuff in our shower, OK? Jeeez. 


Oh my, the secret”s out. Random color tiles! My wife and I love our colors. Of course being the happily married couple of 22 years we haggled and fussed over exactly which colors, but I think we are both very happy with the outcome, unless she is lying to me. Props to her for figuring out the layout on graph paper. You go Snook!


We are SO close now! I can almost feel the tingle of my dandruff shampoo. I did something on my shower that I had never done before. I made the corner shelves, seats, and curb top out of a totally different material; in this case, Absolute Black granite. I did this for two reasons. One, we had some laying around, and two, I liked the idea of less grout joints on the horizontal surfaces. Because I thought the black granite might look out of place and an after-thought, we used black as some of our accent color tiles. I know black is not a color but you get my drift, right? Let’s move on.


Ta da! My gorgeous, if I do say so myself, tile shower. We LOVE having a tile shower. You may notice no sliding glass door? Nope. We’re going with a shower curtain. So in the picture you see here it’s about 99 percent done. I just have to put the plumbing fixture back on and install the curtain. We went with one from Ikea; they’ve got cool ones at great prices, plus the day we were there they had 50 cent beef hot dogs. Score!


So there you have it. One happy tile guy’s shower in his own personal master bath. It was a long time in coming, but it was well worth the wait. We are about a month into using it, and we are still squee-gee-ing the water off the walls. At least I am. I think my wife still is. At least that’s what she tells me. I tried not to get too technical on you or bore you to death with facts. If you would like more detail, give Syverson and Son a call or e-mail, and we’ll answer all the tile details you would like to know but have been afraid to ask.

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