Barney and Steve Syverson, owners of Syverson & Son Tile, are both third generation tile and stone installers.  Like all industries, the tile and stone industry has changed substantially over the last 80 years.  Commercial and industrial applications were far more common than residential use, and materials selection rivaled that of the early auto industry.  Craftsmen of the early days of residential use were proud artisans.  We recall our father talking about our grandfather showing up to work in a suit, before changing into more suitable construction clothes.  Conventional installations consisted of tile that had been soaked in water and then installed over a fresh mortar bed using pure portland cement as a bond coat.  Homeowners had two color choices for grout:  grey and white.   As time went on, pre-cured tile and stone backers were offered as a replacement for site-prepared mortar beds and engineered bonding mortars replaced pure portland cement with grout colors that cover the spectrum.  In addition, new water proofing and crack prevention systems have entered the market.  The selection of tile and stone from a few tile distributers that would have taken only a short time to look at, can now take days to see all the available products.  Many of your selections require specific bonding mortars and setting techniques, depending on the unique product.  What all this means for our organization today is absolute attention to the site conditions, goals of our customers and the ability to use the correct installation products and methods to produce durable and long lasting installs.

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